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Honey Bee Health Research Group: An overview

Supporting the honey bees and our beekeeping industry into the future

Honey bees are of central importance for human food production and a healthy ecosystem. Sadly, these hardworking insects are faced with an increasingly hostile environment. We work closely with Beekeepers nationally, combining their extensive knowledge with our research expertise to investigate the effects of nutrition, disease and breeding. Combine this with advances in technologies such as the availability of the honey bee genome and we can gain detailed insights into the DNA and the molecules that make up bees.
The location of our research facility in Western Australia gains us a unique opportunity worldwide to studying bees in conditions of low disease levels.



  • Bee Friendly Committed to finding solutions to diseases in bees.
  • Outreach Fully community oriented.
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Current Highlight

UWA Scientific Bee Services

Published on: 2020-11-01 by Julia Grassl. Tags: frontpage

UWA Scientific Bee Services

Yesterday we launched a new spin-out business that will help improve the health and management of the State’s bee population by The University of Western Australia. UWA Scientific Bee Services, led by Dr Julia Grassl and Ms Tiffane Bates from UWA’s Cooperative Research Centre for Honey Bee Products, will work with the beekeeping industry to offer consulting and outreach services, and science based information about bees, honey, flora and beekeeping. Our aim is to add more value to the beekeeping industry and tehri products.

Researchers buzzing over new business to improve bee health

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